Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Later Sk8r workshop picture sizes and product list

All right ladies, gonna try something new.  I am posting here all of the choices in products to order for the Later Sk8r workshop and picture sizes needed to complete them....  Let me know how you like this format for our workshops!

SUPPLIES NEEDED:   (prices reflect after shipping and taxes)

g1057 Later Sk8r wog pg. 49. --------------  34.00   (comes with epoxy bubbles, later sk8r assortment and stamp set)
x7167b Later Sk8r paper pack pg. 46-------   11.30

z1810 Later Sk8r assortment pg.117--5.60

z1806 Epoxy Bubbles pg. 120---------4.50

z1832 Spinner pg. 127-----------------5.60

z1747 small asstmnt flip flaps pg. 129---4.50

z12945 sanding kit pg. 131-------------4.25

x7167c my stickease pg. 46------------5.60 (I did not use these in my layouts)

urban felt alpha is from the while supplies last list, I have some for sale for 3.00 each.

4 extra cardstock will be needed to complete all 8 pages, available for .65 each at the workshop.  (colors depend on if you want to create girl or boy pages)

Picture sizes are as follows:
pg 1&2  (1) vert. 5x7, (5)vert. 2.5x4
pg 3&4  (2) vert. 4x6, (1) horiz. 4x6, (5) 3x3, (1) vert. 2.5x3.5
pg 5&6  (2) horiz. 4x6, (9) 3x3 
pg 7&8  (1) 4x4, (2-3) horiz. 3x4, (1) vert. 5x7, (1) vert 4x6

As always, there is no right way, just different, so no worries if you want to experiment with the layouts and do your own thing!   Hope this helps!!!  2 dates, July 12 @ 6:30  or July 14 @ 4:30

Monday, June 10, 2013

July 14!!!!!

Join us for a whole scrappy day of workshops!

Starting at 1:00  Summer Fun card class....
12 cards, 3 of ea. $25.00
Then.......after our card class,  Later Sk8r Scrapbooking workshop!  Purchase the paper pack from me and the workshop is free! Contact me to place your order.
Girls Later Sk8r!
sorry, my pics got out of order, ya'll know i'm not a computer chic!  I uploaded them in order!!