Sunday, August 9, 2015

Zoe!!!  The newest paper pack form Close to My Heart,   Taking orders now for these layouts! Aug. 21 or 23.

 I created this fun pocket to store my extra bits that I want to keep, but don't need to take up space in my layout
 Just because I saw a sketch and loved it!!!!  had to create my photos as a collage and cut them apart.. would have been easier to do them in studio j and make them the exact sizes I want. But alas, I was in a hurry and wanted them in an hour.

Seaside!!!!  Loved this paper! will be using it A LOT! 

 use your extra photos that didn't make the cut, or just what you cropped off to create a mosaic!
 wood grain embossing on the cardstock gives this layout a little more interest

A post card instead of a photo and picture my life cards for journaling will help me remember the finer details of this vacation for years to come!